J-P Fyad

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Lip amputations are rare, and microsurgical replantation must be systematically tried to restore form and function in one step. The authors present a series of three cases. Revascularization of the amputated segment was obtained by arterial anastomosis with the corresponding labial coronary artery. No venous anastomosis was carried out, because no vein(More)
SUBJECT A recent report from "Agence Nationale de sécurité du medicament et des produits de santé" (ANSM) assesses the rupture of silicone gel breast implants without proposing rules for follow-up and replacement of implants. OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that systematic follow-up surveillance of silicone breast implants could improve early diagnosis of(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the benefit brought by an early surgery management of pelvis region pressure ulcers compared to medical processing in a population of subjects spinal cord disabled. MATERIAL AND METHOD The studied population consist of 53 patients (62 pressure ulcers) divided into two groups: the group 1 includes 30 patients (34 pressure ulcers)(More)
Usual imaging diagnostic for salivary glands is sialography. Sialography is not stripped of disadvantages and failures. The MRI-sialography is an examination which is carried out without any injection of contrast's product (without catheterization or intravenous injection). It is thus noninvasive and painless. The complete study of salivary gland and its(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast carcinomas are the most frequent form of cancer in French women. Following a total mastectomy, only an estimated 25% of patients wish to undergo breast reconstruction. After mammary volume reconstitution, the plastic surgeon often attempts to harmonize the two breasts by carrying out contralateral reduction mammaplasty (CRM). In the(More)
The authors report the particularities of the cranio-maxillofacial skeleton and the aims of the reconstruction procedures: osteogenesis, osteoconduction, osteoinduction. They review the various procedures, their abilities, some technical notes, their advantages and disadvantages. They analyse in order: classical bone autografts, pedicled bone flaps(More)
This investigation was designed to extend our present knowledge of the supraorbital n. (SO n.) distal to the supraorbital notch. It is based on 40 dissected hemi-faces and the position of the notch and the periosteal and frontalis cutaneous branches of the SO n. were studied. The notch was 33.05 mm from the midline on the right side and 30.70 mm on the(More)
Women who have undergone surgical treatment for breast cancer often benefit from a contralateral reduction mammaplasty (CRM) aimed at symmetrization of the contralateral breast unaffected by the initial cancer. In our 7-year multicentric study (12 centers) of 2718 patients, incidence of CRM cancers (CRMc) was 1.47% (n = 40) [95% CI 1.05%-2.00%]. The CRMc(More)