J P Edelstein

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A dehiscence of the lateral palpebral tendon may cause laxity of the eyelid and result in lower eyelid ectropion. In this study lateral palpebral tendon reconstruction was performed on 45 eyelids with ectropion and lateral palpebral tendon laxity. A periosteal flap from the lateral orbital rim was used to replace the attenuated tendon. After a mean(More)
The primary functional support for the medial eyelid is from the deep attachments of the orbicularis muscle to the posterior lacrimal crest and lacrimal diaphragm. A dehiscence of the deep medial canthal attachments can alter the position of the lower eyelid with subsequent tearing, medial ectropion, and ocular exposure. In this study, medial palpebral(More)
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