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Over the past 11 years, signs of allergy were observed in 56 children and adolescents in contact with horses. The cases consisted of 35 boys and 21 girls, 35 of them were under 10 years of age. The main clinical signs were ocular symptoms (36), asthma (30) and rhinopharyngitis (24). All the children had very positive cutaneous prick tests and specific IgE(More)
About six observations of toxocariasis (visceral larva migrans syndrome). We relate six observations of toxocariasis among children. In one case, an ocular localization is probable. For other five patients, they are inapparent forms. The allergologist pediatrician may be consulted because of a major hypereosinophilia (greater than 10,000/mm3) and an(More)
Our own works show among allergic children a frequency of sensitization of 30% to cats and of 17% to dogs. But, the proportion of sensitizations to other small domestic mammals such as guinea pigs, hamsters of rabbits seems to be unknown. Among atopic children with a known contact with those pets we noted: for guinea pig: 29% positive cutaneous or RAST(More)
Two cases of lentiginosis with associated heart anomalies are described. A review of the different syndromes in which pigmentary disturbances (cafe au lait spots, lentiginosis) are associated with cardiopathy is made by the authors. They emphasize the importance of investigation on members of the patient's family.
Among 248 allergic children we noted 44 children (21%) with strongly or moderately positive cutaneous tests (In seven out of these tested children respiratory provocation tests are very positive). They are urban children and their houses are not different from other allergic children. They are mostly boys (72%), more than 5 years old (91%), with an asthma(More)