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A data set on community composition of the phytoplankton of the River Moselle (France) has been used for testing the ‘intermediate disturbance hypothesis’ (IDH). After a short presentation of the ecology of the river and of its phytoplankton, the main changes in composition and diversity of the suspended algal assemblage are described. It is emphasized that(More)
The abundance of two main pelagic fish species in Lake Tanganyika (Stolothrissa tanganicae and Lates stappersii) has always been observed to fluctuate considerably at different time scales. The inverse correlation between the abundance of these species has often been interpreted as the consequence of predator−prey relations (avoidance behaviour by the(More)
This study evaluates the possible competition for food between Lamprichthys tanganicanus, recently introduced in Lake Kivu, and Limnothrissa miodon, which has been the basis of the pelagic fishery in this lake for several decades. Since 2006, L. tanganicanus has expanded in the lake and its numbers have increased in the captures, raising concern for the(More)
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