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UNLABELLED The objective of this study was to determine adolescents' attitudes concerning the use of self-care and traditional medicines. A self-administered anonymous questionnaire with open-ended questions was completed by 543 adolescents aged 15-19 y. The results showed that the most frequent self-care activity for general health problems, in more than(More)
A questionnaire designed to measure oral health-related quality of life (OHRQOL) in adults and children was assessed for its factorial structure and reliability using data from the Second International Collaborative Study on Oral Health Outcomes in New Zealand, Poland and Germany. Principal component analysis with orthogonal and oblique rotation was(More)
In health sociology and social epidemiology the gender-related differences in psychotropic drug consumption and prescription have not been throughly investigated. The objective of this review of literature is to analyze women's attitudes and behaviour in psychotropic drug consumption, the cultural influence of the patient's role in the doctor-female patient(More)
A survey concerning the nutritional habits, using the method of the dietary history, was undertaken among 273 girls aged 10 to 16 and examined at the Preventive Medicine Center in Nancy. The energy amount, on average 2,363 calories/day (9.88 MJ) and the distribution among the various nutriments differed little from the French recommendations. Energy intakes(More)
The reactivity of blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) to change from supine to standing position was examined in 257 healthy adults, adolescents and children divided into equivalent group of both sexes. BP and HR were measured every minute during 14 minutes in a supine position then during 5 minutes in a standing position with an automatic device using(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate and to compare the results of the circular fundoplication (Nissen) and the posterior hemifundoplication (Toupet) for the treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux. METHODS For each of the 71 included patients (Nissen, n:43; Toupet, n:28) the following data were collected: surgical complications,(More)
Arterial blood pressure was studied retrospectively in 17,067 children and adolescents (aged 4-18 years - 8,647 males and 8,420 females) from cross-sectional data collected at the Preventive medicine centre in Nancy between 1977 to 1979. The distribution of blood pressure was expressed in percentiles by age and by height. Diastolic blood pressures are more(More)
The vital issues at stake in the credibility and effectiveness of AIDS prevention programs for young people have led to the emergence of a trend in research focused on the study of adolescents' understanding of AIDS, their attitudes and behaviour towards it, and their beliefs about it. This research can be classified under the three main ways of approaching(More)
This cross-sectional study was performed in two regions of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The aim was to study the growth and nutritional status of children under 5 years of age and the effect of socioeconomic factors on child development. Anthropometric indices (weight-for-age, height-for-age and weight-for-height) differed in the two regions. The prevalence(More)
The comparison of various adiposity indices in children and adolescents shows that there is a great similarity between the indices, and also between their ability to distinguish extreme groups. The adiposity indices used are highly correlated with weight and subscapular skinfold thickness, and are not generally independent of height. Differences in these(More)