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A simplified approach is proposed to simulate the fluorescence signal from a fluorophore submerged inside a turbid medium using the Monte Carlo method. Based on the reversibility of photon propagation, the fluorescence signal can be obtained from a single Monte Carlo simulation of the excitation light. This is computationally less expensive and also allows(More)
“The author(s), and in the case of a Work Made For Hire, as defined in the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §101, the employer named [below], shall have the following rights (the “Author Rights”): [...] 3. The right to use all or part of the Article, including the APS-prepared version without revision or modification, on the author(s)’ web home page or(More)
Recent theoretical progress in the interpretation of charge exchange reactions on nuclei in the A resonance region is reviewed. The main outcome is that an important fraction of the downward energy shift observed in the ('He,t) reaction is likely to be attributable to the nuclear pionic mode. A condition not yet proven however is that the driving(More)
A thread which is absorbed slowly and which has a polyglycolic acid base has been used since 1975 in the Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon Maternity Unit to sew up episiotomies and perineal tears. The authors had 98.70 p. 100 of excellent results out of 1082 cases from the anatomic, aesthetic and functional angle. This technique appears to be a useful one in early(More)
s of Posters EXTRACTIVE BIOCATALYSIS IN A TWO-LIQUID-PHASE SYSTEM WITH PLANT CELL SUSPENSIONS Lucilla Bassetti, Johannes Tramper Extractive fermentation is a technique used to reduce end product inhibition by removing the fermentation products in situ. The extraction can be performed by using an organic/aqueous two-phase system if the organic phase(More)
We study the evolution with density of the quark condensate in the nuclear medium with interacting nucleons and including the short range correlations. We work with two chiral models, the linear sigma model and the non-linear one. For the last one we use two versions, one which does not satisfy PCAC, and another one which does. We show that the quark(More)
The semiclassical approach, successfully applied in the past to the inelastic, inclusive electron scattering off nuclei, is extended to the treatment of exclusive processes. The final states interaction is accounted for in the mean field approximation, respecting the Pauli principle. The impact on the exclusive cross section of the shape of the potential(More)
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