J. P. Daniel

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BACKGROUND Although their assessment could be of the utmost importance to determine the surgical treatment for patients with univentricular hearts, differences in ventricular performance between partial and complete right heart bypass remain to be defined. METHODS Three different degrees of right heart bypass were investigated in 5 mongrel dogs: (1)(More)
There is still controversy about the optimal method of venoarterial cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) for correction of congenital heart disease in neonates and young infants. High rates of CPB-related morbidity and mortality are still reported. Since 1980, conventional CPB with double caval cannulation with right-angled cannulae has been used in the high(More)
RATIONALE Management of pulmonary nodules depends critically on the probability of malignancy. Models to estimate probability have been developed and validated, but most clinicians rely on judgment. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to compare the accuracy of clinical judgment with that of two prediction models. METHODS Physician participants(More)
1. Whole soluble venom from the snake Crotalus durissus terrificus was detoxified by controlled iodination. Doses equivalent to 100 LD50 of the native venom were administered to mice, without signs of intoxication. 2. The non-toxic iodinated derivatives were able to stimulate antibodies in rabbits and horses within a short period (6 months) of immunization.(More)
The iodination of the T2 fraction abolished its lethal capacity, and doses up to 30 times the LD50 were injected i.p. in mice without noticeable toxic effects. The modified fraction retained its immunological properties. Antibodies generated against the iodinated T2 fraction were also reactive toward the native T2 fraction, T1 fraction and the whole soluble(More)
As a result of the need to know the exact performance characteristics of the manometry systems utilised during the course of experiments, and in the operating room, we have constructured a simple device by means of which a visual image of the frequency-amplitude response envelope of such systems can be quickly and easily obtained. Dans le but de connaître(More)