J. P. Charles

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Proteins of the third instar larval cuticle of Drosophila melanogaster, LCP5-LCP9, were purified and their N-terminal sequences determined. Three of these proteins (LCP5, 6, and 8) were found to be encoded by two multicopy genes previously mapped to the gene cluster at 65A 5-6 on the left arm of the third chromosome. The analysis of the patterns of(More)
Inactivation of the p53 tumor suppressor by Mdm2 is one of the most frequent events in cancer, so compounds targeting the p53-Mdm2 interaction are promising for cancer therapy. Mechanisms conferring resistance to p53-reactivating compounds are largely unknown. Here we show using CRISPR-Cas9-based target validation in lung and colorectal cancer that the(More)
Tumours are heterogeneous cell populations that undergo clonal evolution during tumour progression, metastasis and response to therapy. Short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) generate stable loss-of-function phenotypes and are versatile experimental tools to explore the contribution of individual genetic alterations to clonal evolution. In these experiments tumour(More)
The interferometry radar SAR (INSAR) is used in many application of the earth science, starting with the superposition of the couple of the images radar Single Look complex (SLC) and follows many step of the interferometry process which is presented in this paper. This work concerns the exploitation of radar images SLC of the Algiers area acquired on 03(More)
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