J P Berberich

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Two mute schizophrenic children were taught imitative speech within an operant conditioning framework. The training procedure consisted of a series of increasingly fine verbal discriminations; the children were rewarded for closer and closer reproductions of the attending adults' speech. We found that reward delivered contingent upon imitation was necessary(More)
The tristimulus color coordinates CIELAB and associated parameter Color Intensity (CI) have been shown to be a quantifiable variable for whiteness of uncoated tablets. Whereas any of L*, a* or b* indicates the discoloration of white tablets to a certain degree, it alone cannot reflect the full extent of discoloration. The CI has been defined which is able(More)
Police Academy trainees participated in a stress management program which focused on developing skills for coping with anxiety and anger. Stress management training took place in six 2-hour sessions and included instruction and practice in the self-monitoring of reactions to stressful situations, muscular relaxation, and the development of adaptive(More)
S e l i g m a n n , Die progressive nerv6se Schwerh6rigkei t u. Edingers Aufbraucht.heorie. Monatsschr. f. Ohrenhk. u. Laryngo-Rhinol . Bd. 4 ~ (19o6). S p o r l e d e r , Uber funkt ionel le Prf i fungsresul tate im h6heren Alter. Arch. f. Ohren-, Nasenu. Kehlkopfhei lk. Bd. 47 (1899). S t e i n , Uber die Beziehungen der E rk rankungen des Zirkulat(More)
B. 141 ldiniseh sieher Careinom]reie (I42 Serumproben). Ausiall der Krebsreaktion: Positiv 16, zweffelhait IX, negat iv 115. Die WaR. und die Flockungsreaktion waren in Mien F~llen negativ. Die Diagnosen bei den I6 mit IZrebsextrakt positiv reagierenden Kranken lauteten : Adnexitis (3mal), Lungentuberkulose (2real), Diabetes (2mal), Angina, Pleuritis,(More)