J. P. Ashwini

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"Cloud Computing" is one of the most significant advances in information technology since the rise of the global Internet network. The cost effectiveness of the cloud computing is one of the reason for its popularity. The cost can be further reduced by the customer by carefully selecting the cloud service provider, according to his/her requirement. This(More)
Cloud computing provides on demand services with pay-as-you-go manner. Cloud's Infrastructure as Service allows users to use hardware infrastructure (Compute, Network and Storage) and deploy their applications over a computing node as per demand. Users of High Performance Computing applications can take advantages of elasticity of cloud for their compute(More)
OSPF — Open Shortest Path First is an intra domain routing protocol used to find the shortest path from source to destination. OSPF is one of the most widely used link state routing algorithm which uses hop count as the only parameter to find the shortest path. Provisioning of QoS to OSPF will effectively improve the performance of the network. Some(More)
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