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With the advent of VLSI, very complex circuits can be implemented in a single chip. So the need for testing the chip increases with the integration. Fault diagnosis results in improving the circuit design process, the manufacturing yield, cost of testing and also reduces the time to market. Diagnosis of today's complex faults is a challenging problem due to(More)
In the fast moving digital world, it becomes imperative to constantly come up with innovation in digitization. The analog to digital converter is the second most widely used device in the world of electronic circuits. ADCs are composed of dynamic comparators. To overcome the challenges faced due to the digital change, improved versions of the conventional(More)
The factors which play a pivotal role in VLSI system design are power, delay and area. In order to carry out fast arithmetic functions in many data processing processors, Carry Select Adders (CSLAs) are widely used because they are one amongst many of the fast adders that could be used for the high speed data processing. CSLAs stand out from the remaining(More)
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