J O Undheim

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The purpose of the study was to investigate the use of teacher assessments in screening for learning disabilities. In a longitudinal study, 603 children were rated by their teachers in the second grade (age 8 to 9 years), and the ratings were correlated with examinations of reading, spelling, and intelligence in the third grade. The third-grade tests for(More)
Most fetuses in developed countries are exposed in utero to diagnostic ultrasound examination. Many pregnant women express concern about whether the procedure harms the fetus. Since most routine ultrasound examinations are done at weeks 16-22, when the fetal brain is developing rapidly, effects on neuronal migration are possible. We have sought an(More)
While considerable support has been obtained for the distinction, due to Cattell and Horn, between the broad factors fluid intelligence (Gf) and crystallized intelligence (Gc), there is also some evidence that Gf is equivalent to the factor of general intelligence (g). This hypothesis is investigated by using LISREL to specify higher-order models in(More)
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