J. -O. Sundqvist

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A simulation model, ORWARE (ORganic WAste REsearch) is described. The model is used for environmental systems analysis of waste management. It is a computer-based model for calculation of substance flows, environmental impacts, and costs of waste management. The model covers, despite the name, both organic and inorganic fractions in municipal waste. The(More)
Recently, microfluidic stretchable electronics has attracted great interest from academia since conductive liquids allow for larger cross-sections when stretched and hence low resistance at longer lengths. However, as a serial process it has suffered from low throughput, and a parallel processing technology is needed for more complex systems and production(More)
The vision of exploring extraterrestrial water findings employing a remotely operated submersible, as proposed by JPL/NASA for the investigation of the possible ocean underneath the frozen crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa, is now taking a step further into fulfilment. The Ångström Space Technology Centre has developed a sophisticated vehicle concept based on(More)
Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are commonly used for sub-surface exploration. However, multi-functional ROVs tend to be fairly large, while preferred small and compact ROVs suffer from limited functionality. The Deeper Access, Deeper Understanding (DADU) project aims to develop a small submersible concept using miniaturization technologies to enable a(More)
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