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Data on 34 patients with progressive pulmonary paracoccidioi domycosis seen in the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) are reviewed. Clinical manifestations were similar to those of a prolonged or a recurrent undifferentiated respiratory infection. Roentgenographic findings were also non-characteristic. A mycologic diagnosis was readily made when sputum was(More)
Tinea pedis in the most common type of dermatophytosis, but can mimic many cutaneous diseases and tend to be chronic. We present a study of the frequency, epidemiology and clinical aspects of tinea pedis in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul during the period 1988-1997.
We report eight cases of cryptococcosis in non-AIDS patients diagnosed in Santa Maria, RS, during 1961-1995. A review of the literature is performed and the prevalence of the infection caused by var neoformans in patients without underlying disease in subtropical regions is commented.
We study two outer approximation schemes, applied to the variational inequality problem in reflexive Banach spaces. First we pro∗Research of this author was supported by CAPES Grant BEX 0664-02/2. †Partially supported by PICDT/UFPI-CAPES ‡Partially supported by CNPq Grant 301200/93-9(RN) and by PRONEX– Optimization.