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Vernonia amygdalina and Annona senegalensis, two plants used by local/smallholder livestock farmers in Nigeria as anthelmintic were screened for in vitro anthelmintic activity using Haemonchus contortus eggs. The extract of V. amygdalina did not show any significant activity at concentrations up to 11.2mg/ml. The extract of A. senegalensis showed(More)
Crude extracts from eight Nigerian medicinal plants, used traditionally in the treatment of infectious and septic diseases in both humans and animals were screened in vitro for antibacterial activity, using the hole-plate diffusion method. Most of the extracts were active against gram-positive bacteria. Two of the plant, Angeiossus schimperi and Anacardium(More)
An actuarial life-table approach was used to study the mortality of 277 calves born alive in 16 traditionally managed herds in Bauchi, Nigeria from 1993 to 1995. The proportion of calves in the herds surviving for the first 12 months was 53.8%. The probability of dying was greatest during the first month of life and decreased with age. The proportion of(More)
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