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Applicators of chlorpyrifos, fluvalinate, and ethazol to ornamentals in a Florida greenhouse were monitored for exposure in a replicated experiment. Pesticide exposure was assessed, using pads placed inside and outside three types of protective coveralls. Potential total body accumulation rates, excluding hands, as calculated from outside pads, depended(More)
The effect of wearing coveralls on the heat stress of ten professional airblast applicators of ethion to Florida citrus were studied. During the period June 21, 1988 to August 9, 1988, applicators wore protective clothing of the same design, but made of seven different fabrics. Heat stress was evaluated by measuring the mean skin temperature, oral(More)
Four airblast applicators of the pesticides dicofol and ethion to Florida citrus were monitored for pesticide exposure with pads placed inside and outside two types of protective coveralls. Hand exposure was not assessed. Pesticide accumulated uniformly over the coveralls' outer surface at a mean rate of 55 ±6 mg/hr. The penetration of ethion through a(More)
The College of Human Ecology ranks among the top U .S . colleges of its kind in student enrollment, and in the number of master's and doctoral degrees granted . All undergraduate programs of the College are accredited by The American Home Economics Association; the Interior Design program is accredited by the Foundation for Interior Design Education(More)
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