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The effects of the intra-arterial infusion of ATP, ADP and AMP into the internal maxillary artery (IMA), which provides the blood supply to the nasal and forehead regions of the dog, were analyzed. Total blood flow and perfusion pressure measurements in the IMA after administration of each adenyl compound indicated dose-dependent and active vasodilatory(More)
The effects of the close arterial infusion of histamine upon the microcirculation of facial and nasal tissues were examined in dogs. Blood flow through arteriovenous anastomoses (AVA flow), capillaries (CAP flow) and collaterals (COL flow) were determined by electromagnetic flowmetry and the tracer-microsphere technique following an infusion of histamine at(More)
The cardio-respiratory effects of cow's urine concoction (CUC) were studied in anaesthetized normal, hexamethonium-treated and adrenalectomized rats. The results showed an early response characterized by a transient depressor effect followed by a more sustained pressor effect. This was followed by a late depressor response. Hypotension was most marked in(More)
This study was concerned with the interactive effects of cold-induced vasodilatation, blockade of voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channels and sympathetic nerve stimulation in the nasal vascular bed of anesthetized dogs. To estimate the distribution of the internal maxillary artery blood flow to capillaries and to arteriovenous anastomoses (AVA), the microsphere(More)
The influence of alpha and beta adrenoceptor blockers on the cardio-respiratory effects of cow's urine concoction (CUC) in rats was studied. The study showed that phenoxybenzamine abolished the pressor response observed in the untreated animal while propranolol had no effect on blood pressure response. The alpha-blocked animals also developed significant(More)
Male toads, weighing 70-123 g, were divided into 13 groups with 8 toad in each group. Animals in each group were fasted overnight before the experiments. Toads in groups 1 to 4 were infused for 30 minutes with adrenaline, 5 ugkg-1 min-1, glucose, 5.5 mg kg-1 min-1; glucagon 2 ugkg-1 min-1; and insulin 2000 uU kg-1 min-1, respectively. Blood samples for(More)
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