J. O. Adeyeye

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BACKGROUND In V. cholerae, the biogenesis of capsule polysaccharide is poorly understood. The elucidation of capsule structure and biogenesis is critical to understanding the evolution of surface polysaccharide and the internal relationship between the capsule and LPS in this species. V. cholerae serogroup O31 NRT36S, a human pathogen that produces a(More)
In the past decade, several outbreaks of cholera have been reported to be caused by Vibrio cholerae O139, a strain which differs from the more common O1 strain in that the former is encapsulated. The hexasaccharide repeating subunit has been isolated from the V. cholerae O139 capsular polysaccharide by digestion with a recently discovered polysaccharide(More)
—We consider Initial-Boundary value problems associated with nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equation in three independent variables, in a general setting wherein the forcing function is a sum of two monotonic functions. Employing natural lower-upper and coupled lower-upper solutions, we develop iterative schemes which converge uniformly and(More)
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