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The authors investigated the passage of watered and oiled contrast media through the lymph node. Patent Blue dye diluted in saline has delineated as a rule only a circumscript area of the lymph node according to the supplying area of the afferent cannulated. Lipiodol Ultrafluid has been found suitable for filling up the whole node: at first only a small(More)
The authors offer a method of assessment of hand function which renders numerical data, in which all functions of the hand are represented with appropriate emphasis. The result of the examination is expressed as a percentage of perfect function. The method, which seems on first reading somewhat complicated, can be simplified very much with a computer aided(More)
A method for studying DNA metabolism in lymph-node cells by injecting tritiated thymidine intralymphatically is described. The administration of [3H]thymidine through a lymph vessel enabled a high concentration to be attained with only a small quantity of the precursor in close proximity to the cells. The significance of the method is that it may also be(More)
Authors performed from 1979 to 1989 on 89 fingers of 65 patients replantation or revascularization operations after total or partial amputations. The procedure was unsuccessful in 16 cases. The operation was successful in 82 per cent and this corresponds to the literary data. It is stressed that the operative result depends not from the survival of the(More)
Authors performed plastic operation using lower arm insulated flap with distal pedicle in 2 cases for covering traumatic skin defects on the dorsal side of the hand. Attention is called to the advantages of this method. Beside the shorter time of treatment in many cases a series of operations can be avoided by the primary covering with an insulated flap.