J. Novak

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We examined structure and expression of the p53 and Rb genes in a C3HOS transplantable mouse model of osteosarcoma. The results were compared to analogous studies conducted with five human osteosarcoma cell lines. The p53 gene was found rearranged in the mouse tumour. The rearrangement mapped to the first intron region of the p53 gene and as a result, no(More)
Molecular semiconductors are increasingly used in devices, but understanding of elementary nanoscopic processes in molecular film growth is in its infancy. Here we use real-time in situ specular and diffuse X-ray scattering in combination with kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to study C60 nucleation and multilayer growth. We determine a self-consistent set(More)
The wave equation for vectors and symmetric tensors in spherical coordinates is studied under the divergence-free constraint. We describe a numerical method, based on the spectral decomposition of vector/tensor components onto spherical harmonics, that allows for the evolution of only those scalar fields which correspond to the divergence-free degrees of(More)
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