J. Novak

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A major outcome of the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin-signalling pathway is the transcriptional activation of a specific set of target genes. A typical feature of the transcriptional response induced by Wnt signalling is the involvement of Tcf/Lef factors that function in the nucleus as the principal mediators of signalling. Vertebrate Tcf/Lef proteins perform(More)
The correct Acknowledgments are: We are thankful to Jane Wright and Rafal Ciosk (FMI) for generously providing the transgenic lines; and Eli Knust for critically reading the manuscript; Mark Schmid and Agata Rybarska for initial strain analysis; Carrie Cowan for the cye-1(RNAi) construct; the MPI-CBG antibody and protein expression facilities for antisera(More)
Molecular semiconductors are increasingly used in devices, but understanding of elementary nanoscopic processes in molecular film growth is in its infancy. Here we use real-time in situ specular and diffuse X-ray scattering in combination with kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to study C60 nucleation and multilayer growth. We determine a self-consistent set(More)
The wave equation for vectors and symmetric tensors in spherical coordinates is studied under the divergence-free constraint. We describe a numerical method, based on the spectral decomposition of vector/tensor components onto spherical harmonics, that allows for the evolution of only those scalar fields which correspond to the divergence-free degrees of(More)
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