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We contrast two approaches to thesaurus production : the traditional and intuitive one versus the Amsler-type procedure, which interactively 9,enerates filiations among the genus words in a computerized dictionary. We discuss the application of such a orocedure to our lexical data base (LONDON DICTIONARY OF CONTEdPORARY ENGLISH).
oming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.'' Henry Ford (1863–1947). From a medical perspective, European countries are growing closer together. An increasing number of physicians are crossing borders and swapping workplaces. In order to facilitate this development, the European Union (EU) adopted a(More)
@ERSpublications Defining a training framework for clinicians in respiratory critical care As intensive care medicine (ICM) advances through technological developments, diagnostics and therapeutics, there are increasing demands on resources and healthcare budgets. For these reasons, there is a need to create adequate legal and administrative structures.(More)
Four respiratory medicine disease categories appear in the global top 10 causes of mortality [1], resulting in 600 000 people dying from respiratory disease in Europe each year. The economic burden of respiratory diseases in Europe exceeds 380 billion euros. In a fast-developing environment, new clinical challenges have arisen for pulmonary specialists;(More)
  • Ahumada-Carrillo, I T River-Perez, +21 authors J L Yee
  • 2015
Sperm-related phenotypes implicated in both maintenance and breakdown of a natural species barrier in the house mouse. Localized versus generalist phenotypes in a broadly distributed tropical mammal: how is intraspecific variation distributed across disparate environments? BMC Evolutionary Biology 13:160. within fallen palm leaves: the discovery of an(More)
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