J Nieto-Sotelo

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Phytochrome-imposed down-regulation of the expression of its own phytochrome A gene (PHYA) is one of the fastest light-induced effects on transcription reported in plants to date. Functional analysis of the oat PHYA3 promoter in a transfection assay has revealed two positive elements, PE1 and PE3, that function synergistically to support high levels of(More)
Positive Factor 1 (PF1) from oat is an HMGY-and H1 histone-like protein that binds a functionally defined AT-rich DNA element in the oat phytochrome A gene (PHYA3) promoter Phytochrome A is a member of a plant regulatory photoreceptor family (1). The down-regulation by phytochrome of the transcription of its own PHYA3 gene, is one of the most rapid(More)
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