J Nieto Munuera

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INTRODUCTION We want to know the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among those subjects who require treatment due to cocaine and other psychostimulant drugs consumption. No previous Spanish studies have been found. METHODS Two groups of male subjects were established out of a total of 109 subjects. Their ages ranged from 16 to 40 years. The(More)
The hyperactive child has traditionally been considered impulsive rather out of self-control, anxious, problematic as regards his/her interpersonal relationships, and highlystrung. In this paper, we aim to prove the existence of these traits by analyzing them from a psychometric perspective, and starting from Cattell's theory of traits. We have worked with(More)
The aim of this paper is to analyze the meanings differences in the temporal perspective of two clinic groups. Some of them showed dysthymic disorders and the other group were found to be paranoiac schizophrenic patients. An differential semantic was used (ACTUAL SELF, IDEAL SELF, NEGATIVE SELF) to analyze to structure of the self-concept and to determine(More)
The aim of this work is to build a scale that permits the use of Pilowsky's Illness Behaviour Questionnaire (I.B.Q.), with a Spanish clinical population. To develop this scale we have used a global sample of 627 subjects (359 men and 286 women) from different hospitals and health units in the region of Murcia.
The present study brings for the first time the description and assess of several types of "abnormal illness behavior" by using the I.B.Q. in 571 general practice psychiatric ambulatory and hospital surgery and medical patients. Using multivariate analysis techniques (Cluster and Discriminant) we found five patterns of response with the I.B.Q. Two of them(More)
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