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A fully analog loop calibrates 32 MSB floating current sources in the background to achieve 14b accuracy. Operating at 200MS/s, the 97mW DAC achieves maximum SFDR of 85dB in NRZ mode, 76dB in RZ mode, and maintains -160dBm/Hz noise spectral density. Implemented in 0.18/spl mu/m CMOS, the core area is less than 1mm/sup 2/.
We present phase diagrams of colliding pulse mode locked (CPM) InGaAsP QW laser operation relevant to the ability to synchronize the repetition rate to an external clock. A three-dimensional parameter space of gain currents, absorber bias, and RF frequency is explored using an automated test set up. We find regions of modelocking, self-pulsation, and(More)
A new method to measure the chirp of pulses emitted from repetitively driven lasers is described. The technique relies on spectrally filtering the output of the laser, detecting it, and then measuring its phase with respect to a reference signal via a mixing technique. We demonstrate the method by measuring the chirp of pulses emitted from monolithic CPM(More)
Femtosecond pump-probe measurements of the dynamics in both forward- and reverse-biased semiconductor optical waveguides are presented. Slow (nanosecond) as well as ultrafast (femtosecond) dynamics are observed in both kinds of structures. These measurements imply that the "slow saturable absorber" theory of modelocking in monolithic CPM devices is(More)
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