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During oogenesis in Xenopus laevis, several RNAs that localize to the vegetal cortex via one of three temporally defined pathways have been identified. Although individual mRNAs utilize only one pathway, there is functional overlap and apparent continuity between them, suggesting that common cis-acting sequences may exist. Because previous work with the Vg1(More)
Neural circuits for essential natural behaviors are shaped by selective pressure to coordinate reliable execution of flexible goal-directed actions. However, the structural and functional organization of survival-oriented circuits is poorly understood due to exceptionally complex neuroanatomy. This is exemplified by AGRP neurons, which are a molecularly(More)
Inhibitory microcircuits are wired with a precision that underlies their complex regulatory roles in neural information processing. In the spinal cord, one specialized class of GABAergic interneurons (GABApre) mediates presynaptic inhibitory control of sensory-motor synapses. The synaptic targeting of these GABAergic neurons exhibits an absolute dependence(More)
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