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Architectural design is a critical phase in building agent-based systems. However, most of existing agent-oriented software engineering approaches deliver weak or incomplete supports for the architectural design of distributed and especially Internet-based agent systems. On the other hand, the emergence of service-oriented computing (SOC) brings in(More)
— We consider the problem of trying to change the behavior of a person by offering him a sequence of rewards, with each reward granted only if he performs the desired behavior to a certain degree. We develop a suitable cognitive model based on well-established psychological principles, and then use this model to devise a control algorithm that controls the(More)
This paper illustrates a method to enhance spatial weighting in object recognition as presented by Marszalek and Schmid [2]. The original algorithm uses spatial relations and boundaries to weight relevant areas of an image, and is robust for single object detection. We have derived a method that is both less expensive to run, and can detect multiple object(More)
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