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For one exhaust muffler, this paper researches its performance of flow and noise. Muffler' comprehensive evaluation system and DoE development flow are built. RBF mathematical models of evaluated objectives are established to look for Pareto optimal solutions. According to design request, this paper chooses and evaluates optimized projects from Pareto(More)
We consider the problem of trying to change the behavior of a person by offering him a sequence of rewards, with each reward granted only if he performs the desired behavior to a certain degree. We develop a suitable cognitive model based on well-established psychological principles, and then use this model to devise a control algorithm that controls the(More)
Stock transaction data have become very detailed and enormous with the introduction of electronic-trading systems. This makes it a problem to store and to access,the data in later analyses such as mining useful gatterns and backtesting trading strategies. This paper investigates several storage methods in terms of both storage space and access efficiency(More)
The primary objective of the work was to create an innovative approach to design and optimize the cam profile on the basis of DoE (Design of Experiments) method as well as to take advantage of the simulation tool, AVL Excite Timing Drive, to facilitate the redesign and analysis of the valvetrain. Furthermore, the comparison of results in kinemics and(More)
Some influence factors such as engine performance, structural characteristics and docking situation affect the operating performance and structural safety of vehicle. However, due to lacking of systematic workflow in current vehicle manufacturers, it's unsatisfactory for engine selection and docking. In this paper, a vehicle engine configuration procedure(More)
Based on the theory of heat transfer and the constitution of drum brake, it was analyzed the process of heat creating and dissipating of drum brake, and the 3-D finite-element numerical simulation model of temperature was built. Taking the rear drum brake of a passenger car as the objective, software ANSYS was used to simulate the temperature rising process(More)
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