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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The failures of cemented hip prosthesis have prompted research into a new process of fixation and a new design of the system. Stability is achieved by adherence the bone onto a blasted titanium surface. The shell is implanted without screws. The stem has an anatomical shape to improve metaphyseal fixation of the femur. MATERIAL AND(More)
We treated a unique case of blunt rupture of the right hemidiaphragm that produced acute hepatic failure with jaundice and coma. Laparotomy showed total eventration of the liver into the chest. The hepatic failure was caused by strangulation of the extrahepatic biliary and venous structures. Surgical repair was followed by recovery and normalization of(More)
Reconstriction of the acetabulum is based on mechanically prepared cancellous allograft. Cortico-cancellous allografts are only used for repair of defects on the weight-bearing areas. The cup is simply impacted. The bone defects are classified into 4 stages. There were only 7 failures which required reoperation and 4 fair results. There were 67 excellent(More)
Imaging plates (IPs) are commonly used as passive detectors in laser-plasma experiments. We calibrated at the ELSA electron beam facility (CEA DIF) the five different available types of IPs (namely, MS-SR-TR-MP-ND) to electrons from 5 to 18 MeV. In the context of diagnostic development for the PETawatt Aquitaine Laser (PETAL), we investigated the use of(More)