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A bacterium identified as Proteus mirabilis was isolated from acclimated sludge from a dyeing wastewater treatment plant. This strain rapidly decolorized a deep red azo dye solution (RED RBN). Features of the decolorizing process related to biodegradation and biosorption were also studied. Although P. mirabilis displayed good growth in shake culture, color(More)
Two hundred and seventy-one healthy students and workers and 28 hospitalized tuberculosis patients living in Sichuan Province (southwest People's Republic of China; PRC) were tested with histolyn and tuberculin. The age of the tested subjects ranged from 17 to 22 years among the students, 17 to 38, among the workers and 17 to their 70s among the patients.(More)
One hundred one subjects living in northwest Hunan Province, People's Republic of China (PRC) were tested with histolyn, (Berkeley Biological Laboratories), spherulin (Berkeley Biological Laboratories), and tubersol (PPD 5 tuberculin units, Connaught Laboratories). Age of the tested subjects ranged from 16 to 58 years; 93 subjects were 22 years old or(More)
Cypermethrin (CYP), an insecticide, has deleterious effects on male reproductive function. The objective was to identify whether the effects of beta-CYP on male reproductive organs were associated with oxidative stress. Three doses of beta-CYP (1, 10, and 20mg/kg) were administered to male mice for 35 d, with or without vitamin E (20mg/kg). The moderate(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the use of single-photon avalanche photodiode (SPAD) for radiometric temperature measurement. The low dark count rate CMOS SPAD and a commercial InGaAs/InP SPAD can detect the thermal radiation from a blackbody down to the temperatures of 510 and 405 K, respectively. Our work shows that current SPADs are cost-effective thermal(More)
We present a 16-channel front-end readout board for the OpenPET electronics system. A major task in developing a nuclear medical imaging system, such as a positron emission computed tomograph (PET) or a single-photon emission computed tomograph (SPECT), is the electronics system. While there are a wide variety of detector and camera design concepts, the(More)
w 2 Ž .2 x 12 Ž . We measured the high-momentum transfer Q s4.8 and 6.2 GeVrc quasi-elastic C p,2p reaction at u ,908 for cm 6 and 7.5 GeVrc incident protons. The momentum components of both outgoing protons and the missing energy and momentum of the proton in the nucleus were measured. We verified the validity of the quasi-elastic picture for ground state(More)
Optical recording of membrane potential allows simultaneous measurements to be taken from many different locations in the nervous system. This is important in studies of the nervous system in which simultaneous activity can occur at the regional, cellular, and subcellular levels. New "blue" dyes, developed by Amiram Grinvald's group, are a great advance for(More)
In a bright-field measurement from a vertebrate brain stained by superfusing a solution of the dye over the surface, each pixel in a camera receives light from a substantial number (thousands) of neurons and neuronal processes (population signals). Because of scattering and out-of-focus light, this will be true even if the pixel size corresponds to a small(More)
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