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In today's industrial scenario huge losses/wastage occur in the manufacturing shop floor. This waste is due to operators, maintenance personal, process, tooling problems and non-availability of components in time etc. Other forms of waste includes idle machines, idle manpower, break down machine, rejected parts etc are all examples of waste. The quality(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to determine whether establishment of the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) was associated with significant changes in drug listing decisions across Canada. ANALYSIS AND RESULTS This study included drug indications that received a Common Drug Review or pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review listing recommendation(More)
The article aspires to investigate the experiences of nursing personnel in private health care organizations, in provisions of their work motivation and satisfaction, promotion, encouragement and relinquishing the job, interpersonal interaction at work and to recognize areas for sustainable development to the health care services they present. No(More)
This paper investigates the reasons customers use Internet banking (I-Banking) and whether the use differs across various customer demographics. The relationship between trust & loyalty and customer demographics was also analyzed. The results showed that customers of differing genders perceived different factors as important. " Checking account balance "(More)
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