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OBJECTIVE This study investigated the benefits of the combination of interferential (IF) and patterned muscle stimulation in the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. DESIGN This was a multi-center, randomized, single-blind, controlled study with an independent observer. The study randomized 116 patients with OA of the knee to a test or control(More)
In a previous forced-titration trial, mibefradil 100 mg QD was as effective as amlodipine 10 mg QD in reducing sitting diastolic blood pressure (SDBP), and it produced significantly less leg edema than did amlodipine 10 mg QD. The present multicenter, double-masked, randomized, parallel-design trial was performed to assess the reproducibility of these(More)
5545 Background: Many groups have reported a higher rate of distant vs local failures after CRT for locally advanced HN-SCC. We evaluated dose dense induction chemotherapy (IT) prior to CRT to decrease distant relapse Methods: Treatment consisted of IT (P 135mg/m2, C AUC 2) for 6 weeks and a 2 week rest followed by CRT weekly (P 40mg/m2, C AUC 1) and daily(More)
OBJECTIVE Arhalofenate is a novel antiinflammatory uricosuric agent. The objective of this study was to evaluate its antiflare activity in patients with gout. METHODS This was a 12-week, randomized, double-blind, controlled phase IIb study. Eligible patients had had ≥3 flares of gout during the previous year, had discontinued urate-lowering therapy and(More)
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