J N Piotrowski

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that it transforms from a nonmagnetic insulating phase to a magnetic metallic phase under applied pressures on the order of 10 GPa (42–45), which is in contrast to other metallic rare earth hexaborides in which the f-electrons order magnetically in the ambient ground state. Our observation of a large three-dimensional conduction electron Fermi surface(More)
A two-dimensional finite-element model of an electrical impedance tomographic phantom has been investigated. It is perceived that an understanding of the basic measurement system will enable the design of improved data collection hardware, e.g. the number and size of the electrodes. The presented model has sixteen electrodes spaced equidistantly on the(More)
This paper presents a new approach of noncontacting moisture determination in bulk materials utilizing time-domain transmissometry. The described method is independent of the mass per area of the material under test and does not suffer from measurement ambiguities, which are well known from frequency-domain methods. Ultra-wideband quasi-Gaussian monocycle(More)
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