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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Although gene and protein transfer may potentiate the cure of genetic disease, current strategies involving fetal gene therapy remain nonfocal and confounded by the lack of imaging techniques and in vivo markers for precise gene transfer. METHODS Fourteen white Leghorn chick eggs were incubated for 48 to 56 hours postfertilization until(More)
Every year a large number of patients who are spontaneously aborting are admitted to the Gynaecological ward of the University Teaching Hospital (Lusaka) at various clinical stages of septic, incomplete, inevitable or threatened abortion. An undetermined number of these patients are induced outside the hospital. Analysis of data revealed that 60% of(More)
Exfoliative cytopathology is a potent tool for the early detection and thereby eradication of cervical cancer and reducing mortality for many others. Besides, it has a vital role to play in diagnosis and therapy of infections specially trichomoniasis for which it gives a permanent record. The simplicity and rapidity of the technique is the greatest(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper was to stratify patients with uterine rupture in extremis (with hypotension, change in vital organ function, and altered mental status) and evaluate outcome for patients undergoing subtotal hysterectomy (STH) vs. uterine repair (UR). METHODS Of 39667 hospital deliveries between 1993 and 1998 at a university hospital, 367(More)
The Obstetric performance of teenage primigravida aged 12-15 years was studied retrospectively and analysed in the local population attending the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka. The leading Obstetric complications were cephalo-pelvic disproportion (3.6%) and acute toxeamia (2.2%). The caesarean section rate (7.5%) and operative vaginal delivery rate(More)
The Obstetrical performance of elderly parturients (aged 40 and above) who delivered at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka during 1979 and 1980, has been analysed. There were 39,109 deliveries in the two years period, out of which 391 mothers were of 40 years or above, giving an incidence of 1.0%. There were 32 mothers above the age of 45, an(More)
Four hundred fifty-one patients who had had previous lower segment cesarean section were studied for subsequent pregnancy outcome at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia. Of 319 who were allowed to go into labor, 63% succeeded in delivering vaginally, while 37% had to undergo repeat intrapartum cesarean delivery. No maternal death occurred. Scar(More)
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