J N Gonçalves

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Deletions of the DAZ gene family in distal Yq11 are always associated with deletions of the azoospermia factor c (AZFc) region, which we now estimate extends to 4.94 Mb. Because more Y gene families are located in this chromosomal region, and are expressed like the DAZ gene family only in the male germ line, the testicular pathology associated with complete(More)
In this study, a total of 118 Escherichia coli strains isolated from dogs (93) and cats (25) with urinary tract infection (UTI) were tested in a multiplex polymerase chain reaction for the presence of adhesin-encoding genes (pap, sfa, and afa), hemolysin encoding genes (hly), cytotoxic necrotizing factor 1 (cnf1) and aerobactin (aer) genes. Virulence gene(More)
Tidal breathing measurements by Opto-Electronic Plethysmography (OEP) has been reported for infants limited to protocols with two chest wall compartments. Standard protocol for the analysis of adults, with three compartments of chest wall, has been unavailable for analysis of infants. We aimed to study the agreement of simultaneous measurements of tidal(More)
The distribution of alleles I, II and III of the P adhesin gene papG among Escherichia coli isolated from urinary tract infections in humans, dogs and cats was studied by PCR. Allele I was present in 6% and 5% of the human and cat isolates. Allele II as such was present in 30% and 22%, or in association with allele III in 12% and 2% of the human and canine(More)
We report perturbed angular correlation measurements with (111m)Cd/(111)Cd and (111)In/(111)Cd probes, at the ISOLDE-CERN facility, in the manganite compounds BaMnO3, with the 6H and 15R polymorphs, and SrMnO3, with the 4H polymorph. The electric field gradient (EFG) is measured, and found approximately constant in a large temperature range for all the(More)
This study provides a comprehensive insight into the effects of controlled off-stoichiometry on the structural and multiferroic properties of the hexagonal manganite LuMn1-xO3+δ (x = 0.02; δ ∼ 0), supported by neutron powder diffraction measurements confirming single phase P63cm symmetry and evidencing a relevant ferromagnetic component, below TN ∼ 90 K,(More)
The double sex and mab-3-related transcription factor 1 (DMRT1) gene has long been linked to sex-determining pathways across vertebrates and is known to play an essential role in gonadal development and maintenance of spermatogenesis in mice. In humans, the genomic region harboring the DMRT gene cluster has been implicated in disorders of sex development(More)
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