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Four intramammary infusion products were tested in 10 normal goats to determine their rates of depletion from milk. The products tested, which are marketed for treatment of mastitis in the bovine, contained the single active ingredient erythromycin, oxytetracycline, penicillin, or cephapirin. Each mammary gland was infused, after the goats were milked, with(More)
The excretion rate of [3H]prednisolone from clinically normal and experimentally infected udders of 10 lactating cows was studied. Each quarter of 6 cows was injected with a single dose of [3H]prednisolone mixed with non-radioactive prednisolone equivalent to 10 mg in 10 ml of peanut oil base. Each of the remaining 4 cows was given 40 mg of nonradioactive(More)