J. N. B. Waldron

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Ninety thalamocortical (TC) neurons were recorded extracellularly in ventrobasal thalamus of halothane-anesthetized cats. Projections of all of these neurons to specific subdivisions of somatosensory cortex were identified by their antidromic invasion following intracortical microstimulation restricted to these subdivisions. Collision-extinction tests were(More)
ATP is implicated in peripheral nociception following activation of P2X, and particularly P2X(3) receptors. The present study examined interactions between alphabeta-methylene-ATP (a P2X(3) receptor ligand) and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), noradrenaline (NA) and histamine, following local administration into the hindpaw, on spontaneous pain behaviors and(More)
UNLABELLED In the present study, the adrenergic receptor (AR) subtype mediating adrenergic augmentation of P2X(3) receptor-mediated nociceptive responses on sensory nerve endings was examined by using selective AR receptor agonists and antagonists in Sprague Dawley rats in the uninjured state. Local administration of alphabeta-methyleneATP (ligand for(More)
Innate immune responses provoke the accumulation of leukocytes at sites of inflammation. In addition to monocytes and granulocytes, B cells also participate in antimicrobial innate immune responses; however, the mechanisms for accumulation of B cells to sites of inflammation are not well understood. To study B cell accumulation following systemic(More)
Peripherally administered amitriptyline exhibits potential to be a locally active analgesic, while ATP augments peripheral nociception by interacting with P2X(3) receptors on sensory afferents. The present study examined the effects of amitriptyline on flinching and biting/licking behaviours and thermal hyperalgesia produced by alphabeta-methylene-ATP(More)
1. The effects of iprindole on the contractile responses to field stimulation and to exogenously applied agents have been studied in the rat anococygeus muscle. In addition the effects on the spontaneous overflow of 3H and that induced by field stimulation (following preloading of the tissue with [3H]-noradrenaline) are reported. 2. Iprindole (10−7−5×10−6(More)
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