J N Angelo

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The purpose of this study was to demonstrate outcome measures of one seating component--anterior trunk supports--when used by children with cerebral palsy during a functional activity. The functional activity was pressing a single switch to activate a computer software program. Seventeen children with a mean age of 9 years were included in the study.(More)
Subependymomas are relatively unusual tumors with a distinctive histological appearance. They are generally considered to be benign, and they are often found incidentally at autopsy. Most are located intracranially, and the most common site of origin is the fourth ventricle. Only two cases of subependymoma of the spinal cord have been reported previously.(More)
Lhermitte-Duclos disease is a rare, benign cerebellar condition that mimics a posterior fossa mass and has never been diagnosed preoperatively. Grossly, the diseased cerebellar tissue is tough and poorly demarcated; microscopically, the cortex has a thick outer layer of nerve fibers, an inner layer of abnormal ganglion cells, and the absence of normal(More)
A case of multiple meningiomas confined solely to the cervical spinal canal in association with multiple bony abnormalities of the cervical spine is presented. The relationship of this entity to neurofibromatosis, whether the central type or a form fruste, is explored. It is suggested that multiple meningiomas unassociated with other central or peripheral(More)
The pathologic changes in the brain of a five and a half month old male child who died of propionic acidemia are presented. Although previous pathologic reports of this disorder describe either no involvement of the central nervous system or focal myelin sheath vacuolization, the present case exhibited different pathology, namely, spongy degeneration of the(More)
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