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We consider the gradient system ẋ(t)+ ∇Φ(x(t)) = 0 and the so-called heavy ball with friction dynamical system ẍ(t) + λẋ(t) + ∇Φ(x(t)) = 0, as well as an implicit discrete (proximal) version of it, and study the asymptotic behavior of their solutions in the case of a smooth and quasiconvex objective function Φ. Minimization properties of trajectories are(More)
We report on what is believed to be the first observation of coherent subterahertz (sub-THz) emission from a 1-m string in the atmosphere. The sub-THz pulse emitted by the filamentary structure from an intense IR femtosecond laser pulse is detected perpendicularly to the laser propagation axis by use of two heterodyne detectors at 94+/-1 and 118+/-1GHz . We(More)
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