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In recent years, and with the discovery of ferroelectricity in hafnium oxide, it was possible to scale down ferroelectric memory cells in both transistor and capacitor configurations. This study reports the latest advances for FE-HfO<sub>2</sub>-based memory cells and arrays. For the 1T FeFET memory approach, retention in the range of 10 &#x03BC;s up to(More)
Certification is a procedure by which a third-party gives written assurance that a product, process or service conforms to specified requirements. Currently there is no general policy for certification of space systems. A study funded by ESA's General Studies Program is under way, aiming at defining a framework for the software aspects of the safety(More)
Flexible production tasks in modern process plants, changes of production strategies, the ongoing development of field devices, changing applications of the process control and operation management level highly require an optimally adaptive field device functionality. A flexible device functionality is especially motivated by its extension with innovative(More)
The informational bookkeeping of pumps is of particular interest for a wide range of applications in operative process control engineering. The integration of pump information in process control, in plant asset management and energy management applications, generally opens a large potential for improved maintenance as well as for process and plant(More)
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