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In the final phase before submission to a journal, we have prepared an internal draft report for a limited distribution. This is not a final document. Updates and corrections are likely to be included prior to publication. In recognition of this, we would appreciate any comments or critics you might have on our research or this document. We welcome any(More)
Data Management is the key to introduce concurrent engineering, configuration management and work in progress control throughout the entire design process. That has been recognized by MCAD and ERP/MRP Software vendors years ago. Product Data Management (PDM) solutions are used and accepted for mechanical designs but not in electronic design departments. The(More)
The frequency and predisposing factors of ectopic bone formation (EBF) after total hip arthroplasty (THA) are analyzed in 6026 primary THA documented at the M.E. Mueller Foundation in Berne. Series from two clinics [the Lindenhof Clinic in Berne (n = 816) and the Wilhelm Schulthess Clinic in Zürich (n = 612)] are analyzed separately and the results compared(More)
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