J Morag MacKay

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Community-based interventions offer a promising solution for reducing child and adolescent unintentional injuries. By focusing on altering behavior, promoting environmental change within the community, or passing and enforcing legislation, these interventions seek to change social norms about acceptable safety behaviors. This article systematically reviews(More)
A carpet is a metric space homeomorphic to the Sierpi´nski carpet. We characterize, within a certain class of examples, non-self-similar carpets supporting curve families of nontrivial modulus and supporting Poincaré inequalities. Our results yield new examples of compact doubling metric measure spaces supporting Poincaré inequalities: these examples have(More)
There is considerable confusion about the nature of indicators, their use in the injury field and surprisingly little discussion about these important tools. To date discussions of injury indicators have focused on the content and presentation of health outcome measures and on the dearth of data on exposure measures. Whereas these are valuable measures and(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality and morbidity rates, traditionally used indicators for child injury, are limited in their ability to explain differences in child injury between countries, are inadequate in capturing actions to address the problem of child injury and do not adequately identify progress made within countries. There is a need for a broader set of(More)
The Haddon matrix is a tool that can improve our understanding of what actually happens in a critical incident, and also can guide the development of countermeasures to prevent or minimise the damage from those critical incidents. In the context of a road crash as a critical incident, many factors are influential, increasing or decreasing survivability.(More)
We give a lower and an upper bound for the conformal dimension of the boundaries of certain small cancellation groups. We apply these bounds to the few relator and density models for random groups. This gives generic bounds of the following form, where l is the relator length, going to infinity. (a) 1 + 1/C < Cdim(∂ ∞ G) < Cl/ log(l), for the few relator(More)
  • J Mackay, M Becwar, +9 authors Juan Carlos Corderro
  • 2009
The Institute of Paper Science and Technology is an independent graduate school, research organization, and information center for science and technology mainly concerned with manufacture and uses of pulp, paper, paperboard, and other forest products and byproducts. Established in 1929 as the Institute of Paper Chemistry, the Institute provides research and(More)