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The obvious method of determining which productions are satisfied on a given cycle involves matching productions, one at a time, against the contents of working memory. The cost of this processing is essentially linear in the product of the number of productions in production memory and the number of assertions in working memory. By augmenting a production(More)
For the past two ad a half years, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems have split the market share of smartphone devices and the mobile applications (apps) for those devices. We model the platform choice by mobile app developers and estimate the user preferences and developer’s profitability from multihoming (supplying both platforms) implied(More)
A prototype anesthesia delivery system has been developed to test the appropriateness of new technological design approaches. The objectives were to eliminate human-factors problems associated with present anesthesia apparatus and to lay a suitable technical foundation for the development of new techniques in anesthesia management. This prototype performs(More)
A wide range of adhesives and coatings has been reported to enable wafer bonding practices that support applications leading to 3-D packaging. These polymeric substances include rosin-urethane [1], silicone [2], rubber [3], and acrylic [4]. In the case of a carrier bonded wafer, the material allows grinding and polishing to <20um, protection of the devices(More)
  • Bro, S V Browne, +25 authors Bat97c
  • 1998
15 ful — is that P3 produces data structures for a specific application (where all sorts of optimizations can be performed) whereas conventional libraries only offer generic data structures (where these optimizations have not been applied). The World Wide Web is a powerful and pervasive medium that can significantly alter the landscape of how reuse(More)