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We study the application of neural networks to modeling the blood glucose metabolism of a diabetic. In particular we consider recurrent neural networks and time series convolution neural networks which we compare to linear models and to nonlinear compartment models. We include a linear error model to take into account the uncertainty in the system and for(More)
Before 1900, the Missouri–Mississippi River system transported an estimated 400 million metric tons per year of sediment from the interior of the United States to coastal Louisiana. During the last two decades (1987–2006), this transport has averaged 145 million metric tons per year. The cause for this substantial decrease in sediment has been attributed to(More)
The use of unmanned vehicles in Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA) applications has received considerable attention recently. Cooperating land and air vehicles can support multiple sensor modalities providing pervasive and ubiquitous broad area sensor coverage. However coordination of multiple air and land vehicles serving different(More)
The response of a glass batch to heating is determined by the batch makeup and in turn determines the rate of melting. Batches formulated for a high-alumina nuclear waste to be vitrified in an all-electric melter were heated at a constant temperature-increase rate to determine changes in melting behavior in response to the selection of batch chemicals and(More)
The recent proof by Bigelow and Krammer that the braid groups are linear opens the possibility of applications to the study of knots and links. It was proved by the first author and Menasco that any closed braid representative of the unknot can be systematically simplified to a round planar circle by a finite sequence of exchange moves and reducing moves.(More)
Ionizing radiation (IR) is a well-characterized carcinogen in humans and mice. The BALB/c mouse strain is unusually sensitive to IR-induced tissue damage and cancer development in a range of organs, suggestive of a partial defect in DNA damage response. This has been confirmed by finding BALB/c-specific functional polymorphism in Prkdc, a gene on mouse(More)
Using a probabilistic interpretation of the Burau representation of the braid group offered by Vaughan Jones, we generalize the Burau representation to a representation of the semigroup of string links. This representation is determined by a linear system, and is dominated by finite type string link invariants. For positive string links, the representation(More)