J. Montero

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This paper describes a simulation tool developed for 3G planning and suitable also for some RRM strategies evaluation. The innovative issue is that the simulator is based on data extracted from real GSM/UMTS networks. Considering the extensive use of GSM/UMTS co-siting for 3G network deployment, an accurate representation of propagation, mobility as well as(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel system for recognition of partially occluded and rotated images. The system is based on a hierarchical network of integrate-and-fire spiking neurons with random synaptic connections and a novel organization process. The network generates integrated output sequences that are used for image classification. The proposed(More)
— Assuming the use of GSM/UMTS co-sitting for initial 3G network deployment, r eal data extracted from the GSM network can be used to optimise 3G planning and RRM issues. It has been developed a 3G planning simulation tool which instead of using theoretical models, benefits from the availability of realistic propagation, mobility, as well as spatial and(More)
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