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Players (eg, basketball, soccer, and football) often use a static bicycle during a game to maintain warming. However, the effectiveness of this procedure has not been addressed in the literature. Thus, it remains unknown whether low-intensity cycling movement can affect explosive movement performance. In this study, 10 male subjects performed(More)
The endoscopic or percutaneous placement of a stent in the palliative treatment of the malignant obstructions of the biliary tract is a very well established and accepted method in our country. In the last few years the placement of metallic stents has been preconized because they offer advantage over the standard ones. The first three cases where this type(More)
Data provided by 51 voluntary blood donors identified as asymptomatic HBsAg carriers five to ten years (mean = 7.5 years) before their inclusion in the study are analysed towards their long-term evolution. HBsAg clearance was estimated 2.5% yearly and 83.9% of those remaining positive showed the classical non-replicative serological pattern; another 12.9%(More)
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