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The number of agile patients in the 10th decade with a strong need for postoperative mobility will increase in the following decades. The present prospective study sought to prove if very old patients with hip-related fractures are disadvantaged according to incidence of complications, length of ICU and in-hospital stay, and in-hospital mortality. We(More)
The Warfarin-Aspirin Recurrent Stroke Study : For stroke patients with no atrial fibrillation or symptomatic carotid stenosis, the long-standing argument whether the success of warfarin with atrial fib rillation would show comparable effects for those without obvious cardiogenic stroke risk factors is better understood with the recent publication of the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies revealed evidence that induced hypothermia attenuates ischemic organ injuries after severe trauma. In the present study, the effect of hypothermia on liver damage was investigated in a porcine long term model of multi-system injury, consisting of blunt chest trauma, penetrating abdominal trauma, musculoskeletal injury, and(More)
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