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We performed qualitative and quantitative amino acids analysis of lymphocytes from normal and leukemic cattle (infected with bovine leukemia virus) to determine cellular cholesterol levels. Leukemic lymphocytes exhibited quantitative differences in the levels of some "glycogenic", "ketogenic" and "glyco-ketogenic" amino acids. These differences may reflect(More)
According to the RNA world theory, RNAs which stored genetic information and catalyzed chemical reactions had their contribution in the formation of current living organisms. In recent years, researchers studied this molecule diversity, i.a. focusing on small non-coding regulatory RNAs. Among them, of particular interest is evolutionarily ancient, 19-24 nt(More)
The surgical treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism (HPTH) requires sub-total excision of parathyroid glands or total excision with their autotransplantation. Although this approach has been considered as a safe method of treatment, in this report we describe persisted/recurrent HPTH after parathyroid transplantation. Due to parathormone (PTH)(More)
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