J. Miguel Serradilla

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Different neurotransmitter and neuromodulatory systems regulate synthesis and secretion of GnRH. Whereas the endocrine and neural systems are activated in response to the metabolic status and the circulating levels of specific blood metabolites, glutamate receptors have been reported at hepatic level. This study evaluated the possible effect of glutamate(More)
In this paper we present a method to compute an implicitization of a rational parametrized curve in an affine space over an algebraically closed field. This method is the natural generalization of the resultant method for planar curves. For this purpose we need some normality assumptions on the parametrization of the curve. Furthermore, we provide a test to(More)
In this paper we give an algorithm that detects real singularities and counts local branches of real rational curves without knowing an implicitization. The main idea behind this is a generalization of the D-resultant (see van den Essen and Yu (1997)) to n rational functions. This allows us to describe all the singularities as solutions of a system of(More)
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