J. Miguel Rubí

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The dynamics of Brownian motion has widespread applications extending from transport in designed micro-channels up to its prominent role for inducing transport in molecular motors and Brownian motors. Here, Brownian transport is studied in micro-sized, two-dimensional periodic channels, exhibiting periodically varying cross-sections. The particles in(More)
We analyze the rectified motion of a Brownian particle in a confined environment. We show the emergence of strong cooperativity between the inherent rectification of the ratchet mechanism and the entropic bias of the fluctuations caused by spatial confinement. Net particle transport may develop even in situations where separately the ratchet and the(More)
Radiative heat exchange at the nanoscale presents a challenge for several areas due to its scope and nature. Here, we provide a thermokinetic description of microscale radiative energy transfer including phonon-photon coupling manifested through a non-Debye relaxation behavior. We show that a lognormal-like distribution of modes of relaxation accounts for(More)
Transmitter exocytosis from the neuronal soma is evoked by brief trains of high frequency electrical activity and continues for several minutes. Here we studied how active vesicle transport towards the plasma membrane contributes to this slow phenomenon in serotonergic leech Retzius neurons, by combining electron microscopy, the kinetics of exocytosis(More)
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