J. Miguel Juan Zornoza

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extreme values of Kp = 9 during the most severe periods. The analysis of the ESTB ionospheric corrections and their effect on the ESTB integrity and accuracy is presented in this work. The ESTB performance during those storms was monitored from a network of global positioning system (GPS) receivers widely distributed over Europe, including the ESTB(More)
—This paper summarizes the main results obtained during the development of an Enhanced Precise Point Positioning (EPPP) Global Navigation Satellite Systems multifrequency user algorithm. The main innovations include the application of precise ionospheric corrections to facilitate the resolution of undifferenced carrier phase ambiguities, ambiguity(More)
Eleven patients were diagnosed as having lumbosacral plexopathy at M. D. Anderson Hospital, Houston, from August 1981 through July 1982. Four causes were documented: plexopathy secondary to metastatic disease (six cases); radiation-induced plexopathy (two cases); plexopathy secondary to intra-arterial chemotherapy (two cases); and plexopathy as the result(More)
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