J. Michael Schmidt

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Historically, healthcare has been mainly provided in a reactive manner that limits its usefulness. With progress in sensor technologies, the instrumentation of the world has offered unique opportunities to better observe patients physiological signals in order to provide healthcare in a more proactive manner. To reach this goal, it is essential to be able(More)
The mouse autosomal recessive mutation progressive motor neuronopathy (pmn) results in early onset motor neuron disease with rapidly progressive hindlimb paralysis, severe muscular wasting, and death at around 6 weeks of age. This mutant provides opportunities for testing novel therapeutic strategies, including the administration of trophic factors, to(More)
We consider the learning of a distance metric, using the Localized Supervised Metric Learning (LSML) scheme, that discriminates entities characterized by high dimensional feature attributes, with respect to labels assigned to each entity. LSML is a supervised learning scheme that learns a Mahalanobis distance grouping together features with the same label(More)
I present the design and implementation of a peer-to-peer application framework. The framework improves user experience and helps developers write better applications. Developers get an open, decentralized, and extensible platform upon which they can build a wide variety of new applications with few technical or political limitations. Users get a platform(More)
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