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Historically, healthcare has been mainly provided in a reactive manner that limits its usefulness. With progress in sensor technologies, the instrumentation of the world has offered unique opportunities to better observe patients physiological signals in order to provide healthcare in a more proactive manner. To reach this goal, it is essential to be able(More)
The mouse autosomal recessive mutation progressive motor neuronopathy (pmn) results in early onset motor neuron disease with rapidly progressive hindlimb paralysis, severe muscular wasting, and death at around 6 weeks of age. This mutant provides opportunities for testing novel therapeutic strategies, including the administration of trophic factors, to(More)
Our closest living relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos, have a complex demographic history. We analyzed the high-coverage whole genomes of 75 wild-born chimpanzees and bonobos from 10 countries in Africa. We found that chimpanzee population substructure makes genetic information a good predictor of geographic origin at country and regional scales. Multiple(More)
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